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"You can't build a startup without getting your hands dirty.."

My Mission

Back in the days, when starting out with our first startup Cloudalize, we didn't know much about how to build a business or how to market a product. We just started.

When a new product or company is born, defining the specific next steps is difficult because product ànd market is still "under discovery". And you know it's still a long road ahead.  This is true for startups but also for more mature companies with new product introductions. 

Initially, we lost time because we didn't have mentors with relevant startup experience.
And yes I know, a startup must find his own path, but still, we could have done it much more efficient with the experience we have today. 

With Nvisionize, my goal is to help you finding the product/market fit more efficiently by using the tools and processes we discovered before and keep discovering today.

And to make sure that the strategies and tactics that I recommend remain relevant, I practice my advice in real-time with my personal startup ventures. 

Daan Moreels



Professional Career

Back in 2003, I graduated with a masters degree in aeronautical engineering and served as a sales professional in tech companies such as CFE and Emerson
I escaped the "golden cage" of corporate employment, to deciding not to follow my passion for photography, and ending up as a co-founder for tech startup Cloudalize. We raised 3M euro in investment and grew the team from 3 to 15 people in 2 years. After 4 years, I decided to leave Cloudalize to work on new ventures such as Magnax.
My hobby photography is my way to approach the world from a different angle. Capturing female beauty without any commercial expectations, in contrast to the early days when I was shooting fashion. It's a creative addition to my main activities: building technology startups and content marketing engines. 
I live in Belgium with my wife and our two little kids.
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