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Content Marketing Engine

Nowadays, when people are looking for a product or a solution, they do their research online. So this is a huge opportunity for companies to showcase how they solve problems in the markets they serve. We call this creating "awareness".

It usually takes a few extra "touch points" to reach the point that a potential customer is ready to buy. Those touch points usually happen online (social media branding, reading a blog post about a specific topic, they see recommendation on a forum or a Youtube video which discusses a specific issue etc.). So it is our job to make sure that these touch points exist and the prospect understands that we are thé specialist in the field (credibility).

A content marketing engine is a lead generation system where we use educational content for a specific audience (persona) and gradually nurture the prospects into qualified leads that can become customers later.

To whom we want to sell what? 

First we need to define to who (persona - market) we are going to sell. Multiple buyer personas are defined and we need to make sure that we can reach them with the right messages. Understanding the who (persona) is really key to increase the chances of converting them to real customers.  

Setup of the content marketing engine

This usually includes multiple elements and they must work together:

  • CRM (make sure we collect all customer data in a central database)
  • Website CMS (the website is always a work-in-progress)
  • Landing pages (to check what works best - A/B tests)
  • Email Marketing Automation (ie. you get an automatic email when you visited the pricing page)
  • Social Monitoring and Publishing (social media channels)
  • Marketing and Sales Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (ie. your google ranking)
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising)
  • Workflows and pipeline management (leads are nurtured and qualified)

As a result we get qualified leads that can be converted immediately to trial accounts or forwarded to the sales people. 

Why great content matters

It is difficult to be seen as a leader in a niche if people don't know you exist. Creating a continuous flow of value-add content (in the form of blog posts, video or anything else) makes sure that people know your brand and guided to your website. 

So we need to invest enough time in creating the content, ideally in collaboration with customers. The process of content creation needs special attention since it requires the setup of tools and the buy-in the stakeholders (usually employees, investors, early customers, influencers and media).

Use Case

At Cloudalize, we sell IT products via the cloud (SaaS or Software-as-a-Service). Despite the fact that the product is complex, it can be delivered on a fully automated way as a cloud product. People can visit the website and try the product immediately. 

The setup of an "marketing automation system" was crucial to make sure that awareness is created and potential leads are created and qualified without much sales efforts.

We create content and guide potential customers to the website where they are nurtured in a trial process and eventually welcomed as a customer. The result is a constant flow of incoming -qualified- leads that can be converted immediately to customers, or transferred to the sales team / sales partners. Adequate keywording and SEO growth hacks are included for optimized Google top rankings.


  • Website got 97/100 on website grader
  • Top 3 ranking (google page 1) for technology relevant keywords
  • An organic growth of sales qualified leads for the sales team

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