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75% of people do online research before deciding to engage or buy, so we better create a strong brand for our company. 

Before introducing the technology to the market, we must be sure that we cover the marketing basics first. It is essential that the first impression looks professional and breathes innovation.

Which marketing basics should we cover first?

  • Company and product branding

  • Professional website (branded)

  • Social media channels (branded)

  • A first set of educational content featuring your expertise

  • A set of alliances and testimonials adding credibility

  • A CRM system to centralize prospect/customer data

Later, during the customer development process, we'll define the sales channels. And there is a big possibility that these marketing foundations eventually evolve into an inbound lead generation engine. So we should make sure that this can be done quick and painless by making the foundations right first time.

Use Case

magnax webpage

Magnax.com  features exiting new technology for use cases such as wind turbines. 6 years of R&D and 2 years of prototyping, combined with significant differentiators such as low weight, higher reliability and competitive pricing make this product a must-have for wind turbine manufacturers that are looking for innovation.

But a great product does not sell itself. Comprehensible value propositions, great branding and a professional website are key when potential users check you out and make the decision to reach out to you. Nowadays, end-users do their own investigations first, online. So we must be sure that we give them all the information they need and give them a reason to contact us.